750 Furling Mount Testing

Discussion in 'Windtura Generators' started by murray2paddles, Sep 28, 2010.

  1. murray2paddles

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    Real time tower testing has been done on the furling mount system using a 750 Windy Turbine

    Windy is confident enough in the performance of their furling mount that they have posted a great video on Utube for your viewing. You will see the wind picking up and the mount system move into its 70 % fold, taking the turbine out of the direct wind. When the wind lessons the tail very smoothly moves back and allows the turbine to face true wind once again.

    please see link below

    I do recommend the use of a swivel mount to complement this system.

  2. windyguru

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    FYI, this is Murray's turbine and video footage, not ours.

    We sent him one of our first-version prototypes to get feedback on it. He did have to do a fair bit of welding to get it up in the air because the first-version prototype did not have any furling stops or a tower mounting pipe coming out the bottom of the turbine. We first had to fly this version to determine the exact/best location of where these things needed to be placed.

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