5Kw Permanent Magnet Alternator

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  1. Girish

    Girish WindyNation Engineer


    I have designed and developed a prototype of a permanent magnet alternator producing 3 phase AC voltage

    I coupled the Alternator to a motor and did a test run to see the power i get

    I got the following readings from my ac voltmeter and ammeter at 40,50,60,70,80,90 and 100 rpms (i used a variable freequency drive (VFD) to control the speed of the motor

    i need a good design for VWAT Turbine and Charge Controller for the same

    RPM VOLTS(phase to phase) AMPS
    40 101.74 16.96
    50 124.49 20.75
    60 146.00 24.36
    70 166.20 27.70
    80 184.80 30.82
    90 202.12 33.70
    100 225.33 37.58

    Can anyone suggest a good solution please

    Thanks in advance

  2. NEOH

    NEOH WindyNation Engineer

    VAWT: 5 Blades, 3.7 Meters High each, 4 Meter diameter rotor cage, on a pole where VAWT is 6 Meters higher than nearby objects.

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