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Discussion in 'Blade Sets' started by bluejay, May 11, 2010.

  1. bluejay

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    So I got my 3 blades set yesterday and was eager to get it up before the storms today..I had a 11 blade hub up with the black carbon fibers and it started up in low winds and would hum in heavy winds. The 6 blade of the same blades hardly ever spun and thats is what most of these delco pmas come with..Very disappointing so I went to the 11 blades and was happier.

    Now I was looking for a lower wind startup...the 3 blades(torque) wont barely even spin in moderate wind! i like the idea of aluminium blades and I can see if I make a hub and use say 9 of these I think it will be a low wind startup and also have higher rpms...

    I have 3 102" from wind max but those will have alot of torque but will be very lacking in the rpm are. These would be good for gearing up motors...

    I need a tester stand because this is alot of work to keep taking this tower down..3 24 inch torque blades = :cry:
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    If you read through the item descriptions of our blades, you will see that we recommend our five HyperSpin blades with 17 mm hub for Delco alternators (not three TurboTorque blades). If five HyperSpin blades do not turn your Delco to charging voltage in steady 8 mph winds, then I would say there is something wrong with your set-up. We have thoroughly tested the Five HyperSpin set-up on Delco PMA's and are confident it works well.

    Can you tell me where you purchased your Delco?
  3. bluejay

    bluejay WindyNation Engineer

    Hello its a wind blue.I should of said that the 11 blades only start up in moderate winds(15+)...After seeing these torque blades the size reminds me of the still working farm mills..The blades are almost squares and the only one I have seen maintained.Spins fast as hell..It makes me going to make a hub with many of these wide torque blades.
    I will keep the odd number design in mind.
    Thank you,I will keep everything you say in mind but as a scientist I have to run tests on everything to see myself.

    I have seen (not you) many of these companies bashing each other and claiming the best products. I have to see for my self..
  4. murray2paddles

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    I have used both the Windblue alternator and a Presto 80 I used the Windy 5 blade and my start up on each was approximately 3 miles per and my cut in was around 5 miles.
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    I enjoy the Forum. Dank
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    So how do you get this off./ Dank

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