3 phase magnet motor wiring problems - help !

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by motofox, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Hi all, im new to turbines and have jsut aquired a 500watt 24v turbine and controller.

    The problem im having is when i connect the 3 wires from the turbine which il assume is 3 phase ac, to the controller, it does not freely turn anymore but feels like its braking hard. If i switch the inbuilt manual brake switch to the on position, it frees off slightly but no volts. Now if i only connect 2 of the 3 wires to the controller, then it spins freely and generates volts.
    Do controllers have rectifiers built in? im guessing they do because the controller has 3 input plugs for the turbine motor..

    Any insight to what im doing wrong would be great as now im frustrated as i konw its probably somthing simple (hopfully).
  2. windyguru

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    Well, I assume the generator spins freely when it is hooked up to nothing? That is a good start because it at least means the stator in the generator is not shorted out.

    It is difficult to say what is wrong with your controller. The rectifier might have overheated and died which could cause the wind turbine to short or there could be something else down the road on the circuit board of the controller that is bad.

    For starters, you could open up the controller and test the rectifier. Or you might just open up the controller and see some burn marks somewhere on the circuit board which will immediately tell you something fried.
  3. Minnesota

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    Which controller are you using?
  4. TomT

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    I was going to say rectifier shorted and grounding out the stator.
    Picture of controller and any info would help.
  5. hybrid.gif
    Thanks for the replys,

    I took the advise and opened up the controller and theres no burnt or melted looking components, so i connected it up to the motor again and it seems to have sorted itself out. i can now connect all 3 wires and it spins freely, although the manual brake switch has to be switched on for it to run freely which i still dont understand !!

    The controller is a chinese one i think, its a hybrid solar/wind and i beleive its 24 volt . can the trip be changed from 24 volt on this ? attached is a picture - just found the model number C24500 - now id like to know how to change the trip voltages.

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