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Discussion in 'Start here' started by Dan, Feb 3, 2018.

  1. Dan


    I want to charge a battery bank with 2 batteries.
    I want flexible panels to conform to a boat rooftop. I have approximately 6' wide by 8' long for my panel area.
    I will have electrical inverter to charge the batteries as well, so the solar system needs isolation.
    The system is going to either be 12 or 24 volts. I think 24 allows smaller wire sizes?

    The system is to provide power for a boat cabin....lighting, pilot sparks, fans, heater fans. I don't know my total load yet because there are a few unknowns.

    There are two smaller cabinettes in the boat as well that will have loading of fan, usb charging, lights that will need a small 12V battery and charger as well. I was hoping for a minimalist design for these two areas.

  2. Tuicemen

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    24 volt will allow for smaller wire sizes but finding 24 volt devices will be harder and more inepensive. If you plan to invert to 110 then that wont be an issue.
    Many of the top brand name inverters also include a separate battery charger to connect to a generator or grid to help keep battereies topped up you may wish to look for one of those.
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