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  1. Just a note to say hi and that I find the site very interesting. I have been chasing home-built wind generators for quite a few years. Years ago I had built several with auto components. Some of them Almost worked, but then I started with the 3 phase, PM type. I have a small cabin with a gen that has been up for about 5 years with very little problems, and last fall put up a larger unit on my home with a grid- tie inverter, and a battery system. The system on my home has gave me a fair amount of trouble, but it has been on a learning curve. I am attatching a pic of the cabin gen. And yes, I know that it is too close to the trees, but thats the only spot I had. Hoping to have time to get on here often.
    Sam 001.JPG 001.JPG
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    Welcome! Please hang around.

    Here's a photo of my cabin with my 1st "off grid" energy project in 1991. Notice the small solar cell on the roof. It runs a CB radio powered by a typical 12 volt car battery. Battery had a 5 year warrente but went 13 years before needing replacement. Yeah I babyed it. Solar cell went 17 years.


    The CB radio.

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    Welcome Sam. Great photos guys , thanks.

    Sam, what are the issues for your home system ?
  4. I set the home system up with my plan as such: I built an axial-flux machine based on Piggots basic layout with my version enterwined. I made it a 24 volt system. I installed a pure sine wave inverter that I fed into a generator transfer switch that I installed on my house's main panel. Where I live we have had some issues in the past with power outages after storms, ect. I want to be able to have my basic lighting and furnace controls available. I installed a dump load controller that would connect the battery bank to my grid-tie inverter when the battery voltage level reached 26.5 volts and drop out when the voltage dropped to 23.5 volts. My plan of normal operation was that I was running all the phantom loads from my home (living room tv, all remote controlled items ect) and the lights for the dining room, living room, and the downstairs bedroom, from the sine wave inverter. If the power went off, the transfer switch allows me to bring more on line with the generator. If low winds lower my battery bank, the transfer switch allows me to throw any or all back on the mains.
    For the first few weeks, things seemed promising. Then we had a couple of days with 40-gusting-to-50 mph winds. I had not properly calculated the area of my tail vane relative to the length. It would not properly swing out of the wind. I have a kill switch on the 3-phase, but frankly was a little nevous to throw it. My amp guage was pretty well pegged at 50 amps. I turned on plenty of lights and loads in the house and my grid tie was doing quite a bit of work. I finnaly melted/burned up the gens field winding. I should take a pic and post it.
    Anyway, I had another winding that I had made for a 12 volt system. I put that in, did not use batteries, and when the voltage exceeds 14 volts, the grid tie makes some out-going power. Interestingly enough, I installed the smaller field windinding around the middle of May,and in June, my May bill came and it was about $20 lower than normal. Apparently a small amount on a more regular basis beats out large amount once in a while. Sorry to have got rambling on so long. I plan on sorting through my pics, and posting a few, maybe of the control panels I have built. Thank you for your interest,

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