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Sep 30, 2012
Jul 27, 2009
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WindyNation Engineer, from Wanipigow, Manitoba Ca.

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Sep 30, 2012
    1. timber
      Hi Murray2paddles ... how are the northwinds treatin' ya?
      Hope all is going well, I just started a new little project and thought of you.
      Hope to incorp. those Ametek blades that you gave me long ago, I think they will be perfect for this little mill.
      email is timber AT gorge DOT net
      if you feel like dropping me a line.
      I lost your email ... several hard drives ago.

      Best of luck in all
      Dave (aka timber)
    2. JonGreen
      thanks for the help
    3. JonGreen
      just got my sun g 10-30 volt 300watt GTI hooked up now in parallel with the 2 500 watt 22-60 like leamy and its holding the turbine down in the 12 volt area. With just the two 500's hooked up its in the 24 volt area. The 24 volt area has almost twice the power output im finding.Also i find when i unplug one of the 500's it lets the volts into the upper 20's instead of the lower 20's. any thoughts?
      1. JonGreen
        think there is any way to control how the GTI's load the windmill
        Jun 27, 2012
      2. murray2paddles
        Larry Leamy had developed a relay switch that was allowing a switch over at a lower volt level, ( you could inbox him for more detailed info
        There is a product called a wind switch that I understand works very well as you can determine the wind rpm that activates the switch. Again Larry has info regarding that product . I have not been active on this forum lately so I might not be updated with current info
        Jul 15, 2012
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