Complete Wind Turbine Kit for DIYers with up to 1 kWatts of Power!
Aluminum Wind Turbine Blades for Small DIY Wind Turbine Generators

Cost Effective Solutions!

We are a streamlined company. We use the latest manufacturing techniques and modern design methods to reduce our costs and engineer superior products. And we are obsessed with bringing customers great products at cost-effective prices.

We design DIY wind and solar products for one purpose--to produce power, not hype.

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Free Product Support!

We don't think that deploying cost-effective, small-scale wind and solar power is rocket science. But we understand that customers still require world-class product support and answers to technical questions.

That's why we always provide free product support as long as you own our products. Let us help!

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Reduce Installation Costs!

Installing a small wind turbine or solar tracking system often requires large investments because of the costs of professional installation.

We specialize in helping you reduce installation costs by providing resources and DIY products to deploy small-scale wind and solar systems.

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